Custom Moulding

Interworld Plastics has over 40 years experience in the injection moulded plastics industry manufacturing both proprietary and custom-moulded products.

We offer a custom-moulding service for a wide range of plastic products. We can:

-    Assist with tool design
-    Assist with resin selection
-    Manufacture to specifications
-    Managing the mould construction
-    Connection you to domestic and international toolmakers
-    Maintain moulds and equipment on your behalf
-    Warehouse completed product
-    Distribute worldwide

Why Interworld Plastics?

We are one of the largest custom moulding operations in New Zealand.

 •   We are specialists in polyolefin manufacturing.
 •    We have over 30 injection moulding machines.
 •    The machines range in size from 100 to 800 tonnes (with up to 3kg shot weight in PP).
 •    We have significant capacity.
 •    Our size and capacity means we can offer greater flexibility and competitive pricing.

Talk To Us .. 

To discuss your custom moulding requirements please contact Stewart on +64 9 295 0510 or email