About Interworld Plastics

What we do.

Interworld Plastics specialises in the plastic container and storage solutions business. We service the home & garden and commercial horticulture industries and we participate in other sectors in line with customer requirements.

We design, manufacture, market and distribute a range of injection-moulded products for these industries in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

For the home & garden market we have a range of storage, kitchenware, laundry, hardware, BBQ & disposable tableware and garden plastic products.

For horticultural growers we have a range of grower pots and planters, saucers, ornamental pots and planters, trays and punnets, and ancillary products.

We also custom mould for some specialist markets.


Proud to be Kiwi owned & operated.

We are in business to serve our employees (and the communities we live in) and our customers.

Accordingly our focus is always on providing:

• Secure employment and growth opportunities for our people. 
• An excellent service for our customers from highly motivated people.
• Growth opportunities for the communities we operate in.

Our Company Values.

These are the non-negotiable things that drive us:

Reliability. We never forget that it costs our customers vital sales revenue when they are out of stock. Our goal is to meet and exceed customer DIFOTIS targets. 
Customers first.  We create value by helping our customers create value for their customers. We can only do this by putting our customers first in everything we do.
Great functional products.  Our goal is always to design and produce products that meet a consumer need, are made to the highest quality standards and are dependable.
Team focussed. Teams can achieve incredible things. Teams are much more effective than individuals.
Continuous improvement. We actively look to improve all of our processes so that we can be more responsive to the needs of our customers.


The management team at Interworld Plastics.

Karen Murray – Chief Operations Officer
Stewart Brungar – Operations Manager

Sales & Customer Services:

Karen Spence – Sales Manager
Sandra Rawnsley – Customer Services, Horticulture

Helen McPherson – Finance Manager
Lorna Litchfield - Accounts


Company history of Interworld Plastics.

Interworld Plastics has a long history in the NZ history in the injection-moulded plastics industry going back over 40 years.

Founded in the early 70’s to market various products, Interworld Plastics purchased its first injection moulding machines in the early 1980’s to manufacture pegs, cutlery and glasses. The early machines were second hand but by 1985 the first new machine was purchased and installed. By the early 1990’s we were manufacturing and supplying buckets to The Warehouse – who still remains a key retail partner for us. 

In 1991 Interworld moved to new premises in Papakura Auckland as the business expanded rapidly with new machines, new customers, entry into new market segments and exporting to Australian customers.

From early beginnings Interworld Plastics grew to have over 30 machines employing 45 people.  We have an incredibly loyal and stable workforce - many of our people have been with the business for many years.

In May of 2013 the business was acquired by a group of NZ and Australian business people.  (The name was changed to Interworld Plastics 2013 Ltd.) The new owners are actively involved in the business and are committed to future investment.